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Apr 21, 2010

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:: Here is a short2 summary after do some survey by one of the Highest Traffic Ads in Malaysia...peace yaa!! ::

This blog is a story of seven close friends from BANTING town that promise to ourself that we will never break our friendship and our family relation, while that we all going out together travel to all the places that is interesting to us for our life entertainment with our family.......................

I as the blog updater, will be one of the active members on the internet to tell all of our story inside this beautiful blog. with this opportunity,we all hope that our life story will remain and will be one of the best memory for our future generations............

SO THATS IT GUYS.......HOPE K.I.T.A S.E.M.U.A B.E.R.S.A.M.A.2....iDOp!!!...

cee yaa!!!

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